Welcome to all primary students at HCS Learning Commons and elsewhere in the world,

IMPORTANT! If you have a video to share please go to the STUDENT SHARING PAGE to see other contributions and then send us your link.


The HCS Learning Commons would like to invite you to join in our first community project, by encouraging literacy and writing skills with your primary students grades 1-3, in the global FLAT STANLEY project at HCS LEARNING COMMONS.

What does the international wiki project entail?

1. Parents and teachers are encouraged to read the Flat Stanley website. Here they will discover the world of Flat Stanley in the books and writing objectives. As they discover their Flat Stanley friend and take him/her on real or cyberspace adventures they will have opportunity for adventure, discussions, and writing goals. Global PenPals takes on a whole new meaning! Along the process students will learn more about wikis, writing for a website and also share in how to make videos (this is optional). Teachers can also access the following site for lots of teaching suggestions and resources to use in the classroom, and downloadable materials.

Image from Wikipedia

2. Students need to go the Project Template page and scroll down to Print your own Flat Stanley. We have several copies in the HCS Learning Commons for parents or teachers to borrow.

3. The next part of the project entails Flat Stanley's journey with students, as he or she discovers many exciting adventures within their community. They may be as simple as sharing breakfast with the family, or as adventurous as climbing a mountain. The idea is to get your pen pal, or correspondent to become excited about where you live, what you like to do, and a little bit more about your culture. During the adventure with Flat Stanley, students are encouraged to either write in their journal, make a letter, produce a video with (parent or teacher help) and then send this written documentation or video link (using Animoto or Vimeo or Youtube to me (pdavies@onlineschool.ca or nsing@onlineschool.ca or swiebe@onlineschool.ca or apply to join this wiki) and we will add to our wiki page for all to see. In this way we will create a global wiki page, and document on a map the visitors from all over British Columbia, and our global community. If you forward us Flat Stanley's adventures by geographical location we can add him to our Animap on our student sharing page. Pictures of your student and Flat Stanley can be added to this map as well. If you would like to be a member of our Wiki, please send an email to us and we can add you as a member. This way you and your students can add to our Wiki yourselves.


4. You can also send Flat Stanley to your own friends or class, traveling in an envelope. Students' written work can travel to destinations by conventional mail and e-mail. But copies get sent to our wiki for everyone to see and enjoy via email:) If you would like to collaborate with a friend from our school you could communicate your need on my Facebook for Christian Teachers and Homeschooling Families page or on our Ning.. If you do not have access let me know and I will add you. Others would see your request on the main page or Forum, and communications could be started:)

Flat Stanley has gone techie!! You can access a great Flat Stanley App through the Apple Store. Here is some information about it and how you could keep track of Flat Stanley on your iPhone.

external image iphone-flat-stanley-promo.png

We hope you are excited by this opportunity, to share a little bit more about your community with our blended learning commons! Please help us launch this reading and writing project with passion! Let us create unique CANADIAN Flat Stanley characters that resonate eh!

Image from Wikipedia - Flat Stanley in Nigeria

IMPORTANT! If you have a video to share please go to the STUDENT SHARING PAGE to see other contributions and then send us your link.


Pippa Davies, Natalie Sing and the learning commons team!